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Advanced Clinicals Hydro-Boost Toner hyaluronic acid + aloe vera 237ml


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Revive and Thrive with Advanced Clinicals Does dryness leave you and your skin irritated? Soothe and smooth with Advanced Clinicals’ Hydro-Boost toner! A light, yet deeply enriching formula restores dry skin by increasing hydration by up to 88%. Purely potent ingredients fill fine lines, enhance elasticity, and create glow, so you can put your best face forward!A Bunch of Beautiful Benefits Advanced Clinicals’ facial toner for aging skin features concentrated levels of hydration with many benefits beyond moisturization. Enhanced with probiotics and green tea, your toner:â Firms and improves elasticity, preventing signs of agingâ Softens roughness and reveals a vibrant glowâ Evens skin tones and calms irritation and inflammation Save Face with

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The Finest Ingredients Revel in restoration made possible by all-natural extracts and oils!â Aloe vera moisturizes and soothes inflamed, irritated, and thirsty skinâ Stimulate collagen synthesis, retain moisture, and fight aging with hyaluronic acidâ Apple extract tightens pores and gently exfoliates for smoother skinâ Grape leaf extract evens skin tones, diminishes scars, and softens roughness Safe For All Skin Types Whether you sport normal or dry, combination or oily skin, Advanced Clinicals has your solution. Your lightweight, non-greasy formula refreshes your face with pure extracts. E

GO WITH THE GLOW – Hydrate your way to healthy skin with Advanced Clinicals’ premium Hydro-Boost toner! A naturally potent, refreshing formula restores essential moisture for dewy radiance!ALL-AROUND ACID – Stimulate collagen growth, lock in moisture, and firm facial features with hyaluronic acid! Enhanced with probiotics and green tea, this essential element enriches every pore.AGELESS BEAUTY – Love your skin for years on end! Weightless while deeply moisturizing, your anti-aging treatment toner improves elasticity, smooths fine lines, and diminishes time’s touch.PURE & SIMPLY STUNNING – Nourish your natural beauty with pure extracts. Your non-greasy face toner revives dry, oily, or sensitive skin without alcohol, parabens, sulfates, or other additives!OUR PROMISE – At Advanced Clinicals, we ensure your satisfaction with quality, natural oils that nurture results you can see, feel, and love. Experience excellence with your hydration facial toner!


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