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Beauty Formulas Teatree blackhead clearing Facial Scrub 150ml


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Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Blackhead Facial Scrub will give your skin a deep cleansing facial scrub that will help to keep the skin clear of blackheads, unblock pore and renew any dead skin cells. The clearing facial will give your skin a deep clean leaving it feeling refreshed and revived.

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Happy new week guys! I can’t tell if I’m excited or sad about the new week to be sincere, with my exams starting on Tuesday or should I be happy that the much anticipated exam is here and I can finally get it over with. Anyhow, before I bore you with my upcoming exams, I have a little something for you guys to try out this week. It’s the….

Beauty Formulas Facial Scrubs.

The Beauty Formulas facial scrub is a life saver! I’ll tell you of my little ordeal before I came across these beauty products. Not only did I have oily skin, but also blind pimples. Ever had one of those huge, under skin pimples that feel like a tumour and are almost impossible to conceal? Yes, I used to have those. A few here and there. I also had blackheads and a few black spots from pimples.


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