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OLAY Collagen Peptide body wash 768ml


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Lather up in luxury every time you shower. Olay Cleansing and Firming Body Wash, with its rich, creamy lather, infuses your skin with skin-care ingredients, leaving skin soft and silky to the touch. Supercharged with collagen and vitamin B3 complex, our body wash soothes thirsty skin leaving it firmer and younger with continued use.

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Dive into 60 years of Olay beauty science for hydrated, healthy skin from head to toe.
Healthier looking skin in 14 days* *vs without treatment
LUXURIOUS FOAM: Our rich, fast-absorbing formula hydrates to nourish your skin, leaving it soft and silky
Soak it all in: Enjoy our most premium body wash with skin-care ingredients to quench thirsty skin for long-lasting hydration
Skin care with every shower: Our luxurious formula, supercharged with collagen complex and vitamin B3, cleanses and nourishes for beautiful, healthy skin
OLAY Experience: Backed by 60 years of beauty science


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