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It has been specially designed to give your skin everything it needs most at night to help maintain and improve the healthy look of your skin. Olay Nourishing Hydration to help replace moisture lost during the day while enhancing the skin’s natural moisture barrier by helping to minimize next-day moisture loss. Vitamins B3, E and Pro-Vitamin B5. Usage: Apply and massage gently and liberally onto your face and neck.

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Olay Complete Normal Dry/Night Cream, 50ml·

Beautiful skin in 5 days

  • Anti-ageing day cream with skin pampering nourishing vitamins (B3, E and Pro-V B5)
  • 3in1 night cream enriched with anti-oxidants to prevent damage to skin’s surface
  • Provides 24h moisturization that hydrates 7 layers deep
  • Easily absorbed, dermatologically tested and won’t clog pores
  • 3in1 daily facial moisturizer ideal for normal to dry skin

Do more than moisturize! Hydrate, nourish & protect with Olay Complete for beautiful healthy looking skin day by day.

Olay Complete Night Cream gives your normal to dry skin everything it needs most at night to recover from daily aggression:

24-hour hydration, anti-oxidants and essential vitamins, all in a creamy texture formula.

During the day your skin is exposed to surrounding environment often resulting in moisture loss in outer skin layers.

At night it has the perfect opportunity to recover.

Olay Complete Night Cream with nourishing moisture and skin replenishing vitamins replaces moisture lost during the day and helps

enhance the moisture barrier to minimize moisture loss the next day.

The powerful anti-oxidants help to prevent free radical damage to skin’s surface.

Use with Olay Complete Day cream.

Its award winning 3-in-1 multi-layered technology will help protect your skin during the day :

1) SolaSheerTM UVA/UVB protection with SPF15,

2) Skin pampering vitamins (B3, E and Pro-V B5),

3) 24-hour moisture that hydrates 7 layers deep.


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